Survey Report

Dansk Erhvervsvurdering A/S carries out survey reports for the Danish Courts and other parties.

This is the procedure:

  • The court nominates us to carry out the assignment
  • We go through the survey theme (questionnaire) and may request further information and documentation
  • We select the best suited survey expert for this particular case
  • We forward the name of the expert for approval by the Court and the involved parties.
  • The parties approves the survey expert
  • We invite for a survey meeting with app. 2 weeks notice
  • At the meeting start we by going through the survey theme with the involved parties, to assure that there is no doubt on how the questions shall be understood.
  • After the survey meeting we send a resume to the involved parties, where they have the possibility to come with objections.
  • We make the survey report
  • The survey report is sent to the involved parties and the court together with a suggestion for a fee
  • The survey report can be used in the Courts further work without adjustments.