Valuation of Assets

After a series of accounting scandals there has been increased focus on company’s estimation of their assets. In this context we can determine the current value of the assets at a given time. This ensures our clients that the assets are correctly priced and that the assets are actually present!

This is relevant in relation to, e.g.

  • Internal audit
  • Unveiling of hidden values
  • Unveiling of hidden losses
  • Optimizing operations
  • Determination of insurance needs
  • Optimizing of expenses for insurances
  • Optimizing the tax basis
  • Optimizing the financing
  • Correct Statement of the property
  • Assure a correct valuation of the assets in internal and external accounts

We recommend that larger companies have their assets valued every 3 years – companies on the stock exchange every second year. In the case of acquisitions and mergers we recommend a valuation report to be part of the due diligence investigation.